Technopol International, a.s.

The Technopol brand has been known to its business partners since 1970. Its successor Technopol International has been developing foreign trade activities for over 20 years. This is proof that with a professional approach, you become a reliable hub for long-term partnerships. Each step we take is an effort to enhance tradition with progressive concepts. In addition to the activities outlined below, we provide our partners with a broad range of services in foreign trade, investment and consulting.

Business Group 1

Business Group One is focused primarily on radio communications and the supply of security services and equipment. For over 20 years, we have served key companies in Slovakia with high quality radio communication services through our RADIOPOL public radio network, and supplied security solutions and services to law enforcement organizations and the public sector.

RADIOPOL network customers include some of the most prominent companies in Slovakia from the automotive, electronics, oil, gas and chemical sectors. We also boast clients from public transport, municipal police, logistics, couriers, taxi operators, private security companies and more.

The primary objective of Group One in the field of security is the supply of specialized products, solutions and services to law enforcement and government agencies, as well as the provision of top security products to private users.

Business Group One has adopted the quality management and information security management systems according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013, and holds a Facility Security Clearance Certificate from the Slovak National Security Authority.

Radiopol Bezpečnostné kľúčové systémy

Business Group 3

Business group 3 is dedicated to the supply of defence and military industry products. Business operations are managed by a highly specialized team composed of former members of the military and professional traders. In cooperation with Czech and Slovak production and repair facilities, the company has carried out many key projects involving the supply of military equipment, spare parts, repairs and full technical support for various weapons systems. Besides trading, the company is also focused on the design and development of its own state-of-the-art products. Technopol International, a.s. is a member of the Security and Defence Industry Association of the Slovak Republic.

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Japan Knives

With over 15 years’ experience on the market, we are well aware of the considerable differences between Japanese knives and their European or US counterparts. This is due to the nature of Japanese cuisine, which demands superior cutting performance. As a result, material and construction play an important role. Thanks to the highly rigid and strong steels, the gentle edge lasts longer than you would expect. All this combined with 700 years of tradition and Japanese perfectionism means you have a true treasure in your kitchen. We import all knives directly from their producers in renowned regions like Seki, Sanjo, Takefu, Sakai and Tosa.

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Guillermo Forchino

The models of Argentinean artist Guillermo Forchino create a world of grotesques that will definitely captivate you. His characters are shown in comical situations that expose human failings in their full light. The models are stunning in their detail and are produced in a limited series, giving them a collectible value. You can find them from Japan to California. Technopol International is the exclusive importer to the Slovak and Czech republics.

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